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This four-hour course is designed to meet the Nevada requirement for Bioterrorism continuing education.

The course has a simple final quiz. This quiz is designed to check for understanding and can be taken as many times as necessary.

We have utilized technology that automatically formats the learning experience for computers, tablets, and smartphones. There is a smart translation feature that automatically translates the course into the language of your choosing.


Once the course is completed you will instantly receive a certificate that can be downloaded and printed. The course is sponsored by our partner, the Jamaica Bay Community Development Corporation, which is an authorized provider for this course by the Nevada Board of Nursing.


The 2003 Nevada legislature passed Assembly Bill 250, which requires that several types of health care professionals, including nurses, take four hours of continuing education “relating to the medical consequences of an act of terrorism that involves the use of a weapon of mass destruction.”

Beginning January 1, 2005, all nurses renewing their licenses must have completed this four-hour bioterrorism course as part of their CE renewal requirement. On that date, the Board’s random CE audits began to include auditing for proof that renewing nurses have completed the bioterrorism course. Each renewal, you are asked to affirm (swear) you have completed this one-time requirement. You are also reminded that you will need to retain your bioterrorism CE certificate indefinitely, in case of audit.


This course includes:

  1. An overview of acts of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction;
  2. Personal protective equipment required for acts of terrorism;
  3. Common symptoms and methods of treatment associated with exposure to, or injuries caused by, chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear agents;
  4. Syndromic surveillance and reporting procedures for acts of terrorism that involve biological agents; and
  5. An overview of the information available on, and the use of, the Health Alert Network.

Completing a bioterrorism course which meets the requirements of the law is a one-time requirement of all RNs and LPNs with active Nevada licenses. Once the course is completed, it doesn’t have to be taken again.

The four hours may be counted as part of the 30-hour CE requirement for RN and LPN renewal, and as part of the 45-hour CE requirement for APRN and CRNA renewal.

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